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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Long Beach, CA

There is a bad stigma surrounding root canal therapy as many people believe it is a treatment that causes them discomfort. However, this is not the case as it is actually a procedure that alleviates pain and improves oral health. Our dentist at the office of John H. Cho, DDS, wants those who are experiencing a constant toothache or temperature sensitivity to visit our dental practice. This is to ensure the safety and condition of their smile.

Our Long Beach dental team combine a gentle touch with modern techniques to provide effective root canal treatment and save teeth from the need of extraction. If you are looking for a dentist that ensures your comfort and makes every effort to improve your oral health, contact our dental office today!

Symptoms that Inquire You May Need Root Canal Treatment

The pulp is a collection of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that is located within the canal chambers protected by the dental enamel. Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons that these sensitive soft tissues become compromised. Symptoms that arise due to harmful microbes reaching the pulp are sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, a constant toothache, and an abscess

It is important to address an infection as soon as possible to ensure that surrounding dental structures are not negatively affected as well. Bacteria may spread from a compromised tooth to neighboring jawbone and teeth.

At the office of John H. Cho, DDS, we do everything we can to preserve a natural tooth with a dental anatomy saving procedure such as root canal therapy. This is to ensure that extraction is not necessary.

Root Canal Treatment in Long Beach

When you visit Dr. Cho with dental pain, he performs a thorough examination of your dental anatomy to determine the source of discomfort. If it is found that you have a dental infection, we will suggest for you to undergo root canal therapy. To ensure a peace of mind, our dentist thoroughly explains what the procedure entails and gives you time to voice any questions or concerns.

During root canal treatment, our dental professional enters the tooth’s chambers through the top of the crown. He removes the compromised pulp and sterilizes the inside of the tooth to make sure there are no harmful bacteria to create further complications. He then fills the tooth with a composite material known as gutta-percha to keep harmful microbes from re-entering.

Our dental professional places a crown over the natural dental structure to renew dental function and shield the remaining tooth. Our restorations are fabricated from visually pleasing materials to ensure it seamlessly blends with neighboring dental anatomy.

Ensure the Safety of Your Smile!

At the office of John H. Cho, DDS, Dr. Cho, and his entire team wish to ensure the health of your smile. If you are located in Long Beach or its surrounding areas and are experiencing dental pain, contact our office today!


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