When you are missing the entirety of a dental arch, it is wise to consider the option that provides the best function. While missing teeth does impair the aesthetics of your smile, the effect on your health should be considered as well. Traditional dentures have long been the standard replacement method, but restorations supported by dental implants can boost not only the appearance of your smile but its health and chewing ability.

The Problem with Traditional Lower Dentures

Lower dentures that are held in place by an adhesive that enables patients to chew and smile, though this option presents its own issues. For one, the inability to properly suction to the soft palate means that your appliance won’t allow you to chew as effectively as you would with your original teeth. Also, the adhesive can break down over time, leading to sliding that interferes with speech. Since this looseness can also impair the effectiveness of chewing, the wearer’s digestion, and therefore health, can be undermined.

The unreliability of adhesives is just one element of the overall problem. The appliance itself doesn’t promote the continued stability of the jawbone, as dentures only mask the gums and don’t interact directly with the structure of the bone. Over time, the ridges meant to house teeth will shrink without dental roots, leading to dentures that fit loosely.

The Benefits of Dentures Supported by Dental Implants

To function properly, both original and replacement teeth need more than an adhesive-based appliance; they need a proper anchor. Dental implants fill the empty spaces of the jawbone that was left by the roots and provide a foundation on which dentures can be placed. Since they stimulate the jawbone, resorption can be prevented and the shape of your face won’t be altered.

With these stable replacement teeth, you can enjoy the benefits provided by dental implants:

  • Improved chewing ability and digestion
  • Preservation of your oral and facial structures
  • A “fixed” smile free of potential embarrassment
  • Restored confidence

If you’re satisfied with the appearance of your current dentures, they can be stabilized with implants after being converted by a specialist. For those looking to restore their smile for the first time, there are two options. Overdentures are attached with a bar or locator and require fewer implants. Hybrid dentures, are retained in the jaw and not meant to be removed by the patient.

Restore Your Smile Today!

If you are missing teeth and need new dentures that won’t slide, consider the benefits of dental implants. John Cho, DDS, provides patients with enhanced comfort through dental implants. If you want to know more about how dental implants can restore health, beauty, and function to your smile, or would like to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Cho’s office in Long Beach today!

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