Porcelain veneers produce excellent aesthetic results and many patients, especially those with permanently stained teeth, benefit from this convenient smile restoration method. Unlike most restorative methods, veneers can be placed in a shorter amount of time, meaning that you can renew your smile just in time for an important event. However, in order for veneers to meet patient goals, certain criteria should be met.

What does it take to qualify for this treatment?

Dental problems that veneers are capable of treating include intrinsic stains that cannot be lifted by teeth whitening options, minor cosmetic problems such as chips or cracks, and teeth that are misshapen or mildly misaligned.

If you are experiencing several aesthetic issues at once, porcelain veneers are a versatile treatment that simultaneously covers stained teeth, hides chips, cracks, and other flaws, and corrects mild dental crowding.

Good Overall Oral Health

Being a good candidate for veneers involves more than just the visual problems that are compromising your smile. Your teeth and gums need to be in overall good condition, meaning they should meet the following benchmarks:

  • Dental enamel is not decayed
  • Soft tissue is free of infection
  • Bite is properly aligned
  • You don’t have habits such as teeth grinding or clenching

Dental Alignment Issues

Mildly crooked teeth won’t affect your eligibility for veneers, but if your teeth are severely crooked, or if one or more teeth have crossed in front of an adjacent tooth, it may not be possible to meet your expectations with veneers without undergoing additional procedures first. Depending on the individual, it might be possible to place veneers after having orthodontic work to straighten teeth.

Ask Your Dentist for Further Advice

If you’re not sure whether veneers will produce ideal results for your need, the best person to ask is your dentist. John Cho, DDS, treats patients in the greater Long Beach area who are interested in improving the beauty of their smiles. With his expertise, he is able to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for cosmetic procedures. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!

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