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Mini Implants Long Beach

Dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth, as they deliver longevity and comfort other restorations cannot provide. However, the process involved in implant placement requires that patients meet certain qualifications. In many cases, additional surgery, such as bone grafts, is necessary before placing dental implants, but this incurs additional cost and is more invasive.

Patients looking for an easier way to get dental implants, and who may not be initially qualified, can visit Dr. John Cho for mini dental implants in Long Beach.

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Comparing Mini Implants to Full Dental Implants

MDIs, or mini dental implants, are smaller in diameter than full-size implants and therefore can integrate into areas where bone is in limited availability – this is especially helpful for patients with bone health issues resulting from prolonged lack of natural teeth, osteoporosis, or other medical conditions. With mini implants, pre-treatment bone grafting is not necessary. Patients can also take advantage of the following benefits of MDIs:

  • Affordability – On average, mini dental implants come at a lower price point than their full-sized counterparts. Because bone grafting is often not necessary with this procedure, patients can avoid this expenditure as well. This is especially good news for patients with comprehensive tooth loss who require multiple implants to support full-arch prosthetics.
  • Quick Healing – With minimally invasive treatment and smaller prosthetics comes a faster turnaround time for completed healing. Mini dental implants can integrate with surrounding bone in less time, allowing you to receive stabilized new tooth sooner than you’d imagined.
  • Long-Lasting – Dr. Cho focuses on using mini implants appropriately and in the right areas, which allow them to be just as long-lasting as the full-size version. For many patients, this means a lifetime of strong new teeth.

In providing mini implants at his Long Beach dental office, Dr. Cho takes each patient on a case-by-case basis to ensure that mini implants are the best treatment option for your needs. With this customized approach to care, we can promote a high success rate.

older couple smilingMini Implants for Dentures

MDIs have specific application for use in supporting a full arch of dentures. While removable dentures can be loose and uncomfortable, mini implants provide a way to anchor your replacement teeth that allows them to feel significantly more comfortable and strong. As many full denture wearers have dealt with missing teeth for years, jaw bone health is a common problem. Mini implants are useful in these scenarios to provide an affordable and effective solution to denture stabilization.

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Ideal candidates for mini implants are those who have been previously told they needed a bone graft to support traditional implants, those with a missing front tooth, or who are looking for fixed dentures. Patients with a heavy bite, a missing molar, or those who grind their teeth at night may be best served by an alternative treatment.

Dr. Cho offers free mini dental implant consultations in Long Beach – contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you!