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Sedation Dentistry Long Beach

Sedation is a beneficial treatment aid for patients with varying dental health needs, such as those who require longer dental appointments for major smile reconstruction or patients who are anxious about trips to the dentist. With relaxing sedation through nitrous oxide and oral conscious (pill form) treatment, we make dental procedures a more positive experience for all.

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Sedation for Complex Treatment and Oral Surgery

Dr. Cho typically utilized sedation in conjunction with oral surgery or longer procedures that require more comprehensive care. As sedation shortens the perceived length of treatment, patients do not have to worry about sitting uncomfortably in a dental chair for longer appointments. For treatments that include implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction, or placement of multiple restorations, our Long Beach dental practice provides:

Nitrous Oxide – This method of sedation produces a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing that typically has a short half-life or duration. Nitrous can be used on its own for a lighter level of sedative or in conjunction with oral conscious sedation, to ease nervous patients while the effects of the pill form sedative take effect.

Oral Conscious Medication – For patients in need of sedation care that creates more lasting effects of relaxation, oral conscious medication is typically recommended. Using one or two doses, depending on patients’ levels of anxiety, oral conscious sedation creates a pleasant amnesiac effect. Patients do not remember their appointment and return to full awareness with a treated smile.

Even patients who have no issues with dental care, in general, can find themselves feeling antsy about more complex treatment. Sedation makes these treatment processes a simpler and more relaxing experience, so seeking necessary dental care for the rejuvenation of their oral health does not feel intimidating.

Soothing Care for Dental Anxiety in Long Beach

Our sedation dental services are also available for patients who typically avoid the dental office for all procedures due to poor past experiences and an aversion to oral health treatments. These fears are understandable, but avoiding dental care creates significant wellness problem that can eventually call for the removal of severely damaged teeth.

Dr. Cho makes dental treatment more accessible for highly nervous patients through sedation. Even treatments as simple as a routine teeth cleaning can create anxiety for some, but dental sedation can be applied to all treatments to create better in-office comfort. By establishing a positive track record with patients who have dental phobias, Dr. Cho is able to ensure they can confidently return for any additional treatment they may need.

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