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Six Month Clear Braces Long Beach

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Six Month Smiles provide patients with the best of both worlds in predictable treatment and aesthetic appliances that blend in with your natural smile. With Six Month Smiles in Long Beach from Dr. Cho, you can have the beautifully aligned teeth you’ve always wanted.

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What Makes Six Month Smiles Different?

Six Month SmilesUnlike traditional braces or even clear aligners that are made to reposition all teeth in an arch, Six Month Smiles is cosmetically focused to straighten teeth directly in your smile line. Instead of correcting complex problems like bite alignment and severe cases of overcrowding, Six Month Smiles re-aligns teeth with mild crowding, gaps, or those that are tilted and twisted after years of not wearing an aligner after initial orthodontic treatment.

Where traditional braces incorporate silver brackets and wires to create more appealing smiles, Six Month Smiles uses patented clear brackets and white, or tooth-colored wires, so your treatment is as discreet as possible. Because brackets are bonded to teeth, and not removable, you see predictable results in less time, as your braces are consistently working to re-position teeth.

Six Month Smiles: Short-Term Braces in Long Beach

Ideal candidates for these tooth-colored, ceramic braces are patients with aesthetic alignment issues on either top or bottom front teeth, but who otherwise have a healthy bite. If you are interested in cosmetic braces, our dentist in Long Beach welcomes you into his office for a consultation to see if this procedure will best benefit you. While some patient cases are shorter and can be as minimal as four months, the average treatment time is six months to a more beautiful smile. By the time you’re ready for your next dental check-up, you’ll have the straight teeth you’ve always wanted.

After taking impressions of your teeth to create your customized treatment plan, your braces are ready to be applied in just five days, so you can get started on your treatment as soon as possible. With minimal processing time, reduced wait to see final results, and gentle, low forces applied to teeth through Six Months Smiles bracketing systems, patients experience comfortable and aesthetic orthodontics that work.


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If you’re ready to start your path to a straight and healthy smile with Six Month Smiles short-term braces, contact our Long Beach dental office today. Our patients enjoy great results with this predictable method of braces that incorporate natural-looking appliances to help change alignment. If you are having trouble committing to using clear, removable aligners or are looking for a more affordable cosmetic braces treatment, contact us today!