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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Long Beach

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Wisdom teeth extractions are done in a safe and comfortable way at our Long Beach dental office. Our trusted and experienced dentist, Dr. John Cho, possesses knowledge of both simple and complex extractions and performs these common procedures with efficiency and care.

Through an examination of your smile, and the use of digital x-rays for clear images of your teeth, we can schedule an extraction for third molars before any major dental issues, such as decay, infection, or teeth crowding, occur.

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Why Patients Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Long Beach wisdom teeth extractionWisdom teeth removal surgery is completed to prevent or to correct problems that result in their emergence. At John Cho, DDS, we extract wisdom teeth for patients whose third molars are in danger of becoming impacted or for patients whose jaw arches may not be large enough to accommodate them. Other problems that may arise with wisdom teeth are:

  • Partial Emergence – Wisdom teeth may partially descend through gums, developing a flap of gum tissue which grows over the barely emerged tooth or teeth. This flap can accumulate debris and germs and cause teeth to become infected and painful.
  • Dental Infection – If impacted and/partially emerged teeth develop dental infections, damage to teeth and bone may occur, or a cyst may develop.
    Wisdom teeth may come in normally and not greatly affect the patient; however, if the wisdom teeth come in at an undesirable angle it’s best to remove them to prevent any other complications.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth at John Cho, DDS

At our Long Beach dental practice, we make sure that our patients are comfortable and relaxed before their procedure. Through the use of IV sedation, and with the help of our experienced professionals, wisdom teeth extraction is a smooth experience.

IV sedation allows patients feel as if they slept through the entire procedure –this ensures a pain-free experience for your teeth removal surgery. After the extraction of your wisdom teeth, our Long Beach dentist may place stitches that dissolve over time and will schedule a follow-up appointment to check on how you are healing and your level of comfort through the recovery process. It is advised to eat soft foods, limit physical activity, and to gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water to reduce any swelling and relieve pain.

Dr. Cho and his staff are simply awesome.

Dr. Cho and his staff are simply awesome. Everyone there is friendly and efficient. I always appreciate the fact that Dr. Cho really cares about the well being of my teeth and spends the time to address any issues or concerns I may have . Just a nice and personable guy. I highly recommend Dr. Cho!

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At John Cho, DDS we provide comfortable care for your smile. Wisdom teeth extraction at our Long Beach dental office is a simple procedure that is preventive in nature for any major problems such as crowding, infection, and overall pain in your jaw. If you have any questions regarding wisdom teeth extraction or need an extraction done, contact John H. Cho, DDS for more information! Schedule your consultation today!